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A Post-Christmas stay at the Pullman Hotel in Liverpool

This year I was adamant. Adamant that I was not going to sit and waste the incredibly odd time that falls between Christmas Day and New Year. It’s the time where no one really knows where they are, what they should be listening to in terms of music or whether eating turkey is still acceptable. Before December was on the horizon, I had managed to persuade Sam into booking a couple of nights away, just to be somewhere different and away from home. Christmas Day was held at ours, and both of us looked forward to the fact that on the 27th December, we would be in an entirely different location, a fair distance away from home and would be staying in a wonderful hotel on the banks of the river Mersey.

Liverpool is quickly becoming like a second home to me. Having travelled up many times, courtesy of my Dad being a Virgin Train Driver, I love the way the city is set out and the friendliness of the people. I had managed to book us a good deal with the Accor hotels group and secured a two night stay at the relatively new Pullman hotel, situated on Queen’s Wharf, next to the Albert Dock.

Ideally located, the hotel is adjacent to Liverpool’s equivalent to the o2; the Echo Arena and Exhibition Centre which also, handily, connects to the Pullman Hotel. Luckily for us at this time, nothing major was on and so it was very quiet.

pullman entrance sign

Arriving in the afternoon, we settled nicely into our Executive Room on the Executive floor, complete with access to the Executive Lounge. Check in was smooth, albeit different from anything I’ve experienced before. No hotel front desk. (Different but can go with it) All check ins were carried out in an informal way in the seating area of the foyer. Everything was done on an iPad. Even issuing the key cards, which were tapped onto a huge dongle protruding from the iPads as a means of transferring data. Again, different but forward in thinking. I did wonder briefly though how many times dongles had been broken off or damaged!

executive lounge 2

bed and wall art

Our room at the Pullman was tastefully decorated and large enough so that any time we spent in there, we never felt crowded. Our bed was large and very comfortable. I am especially particular when it comes to hotel bathrooms, and this one for me ticked boxes. Stand alone shower with nice, large bath. Check. Decent sized sink with a quality selection of amenities. Check. Good sized towels for adults rather than tiny children. Check. Nothing, however, impressed me more than the taps for the shower and the bath. Or I should say, lack of taps. When running the bath, one simply had to press the button that had the image of a bath on it and water suddenly started pouring from the underneath of the bathplug dial. Very similar to that of the Grange St Paul’s hotel we stayed in before Christmas. It was the same with the shower. Two heads to choose from, and a button to select which one. A dial was there for temperature only. An excellent idea indeed! One that I most definitely want to use when it comes to re-doing our bathroom at home!


bathroom amenities

We enjoyed having access to the Executive Lounge where complimentary snacks and drinks were available, plus the use of a TV, computer and a printer. It was nice to know that at any particular point, drinks and snacks were only a short walk away. Requests for snacks not in the Executive Lounge were provided quickly and efficiently. A plus for that extra bit of customer service.

executive lounge 1

tea coffee and refreshments

Our two days of post Christmas chillaxing was just what we needed, although predictably went too fast. I amused myself with a whole load of retail therapy – quality goods, many discounted prices, much to the amusement of my husband. Plus lots of lovely walks around the dock area near out hotel.

At the end of our stay and after good nights of sleep, hearty breakfasts and therapy of a retail kind, we checked out of the Pullman to make tracks back home, ready to face the start of another new year.

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