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19 Weeks And Counting: My Pregnancy Journey So Far

Unbelievably this week I have entered my 19th week of being pregnant. The first trimester felt like it hung around for months and all of a sudden I find myself not turning green at the thought of food or…

mother and baby

So It’s Been A While…And Here’s Why!

So, I’m back! Actually feels good to sit here and write; it certainly has been a while since I have been able to do that. There are a ton of reasons for my (mainly) June absence. First of all,…

The Cruise Ship Atrium
Out and About

A Day Onboard The Cruise Ship Britannia

  noun: cruise; plural noun: cruises 1. a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure or as a holiday and usually calling in at several places. “a cruise down the Nile” Up until fairly recently the term…

proud to marry the one

6 Things My 10 Year Old Self Would Be Proud Of

I have often thought about if I could go back in time what sorts of things would I share with my younger self. Perhaps even things that I would warn myself, in an attempt to self-prepare . But then…