Music to my ears: 5 reasons why you need these Bose Soundsport Headphones


Headphones. They have come a long way really, especially when I think about the head shaped metal and plastic strap that used to fit over one’s head and ears. Something very similar to the headphones still found in many Primary schools up and down the country today. (Or is it just mine?!) Cheap, reliable and easy to produce, to the point where even airlines dished them out on long haul flights to keep passengers happy and plugged in for the majority of the flight.

Fast forward to present day and suddenly, headphones have become the must have accessory; perfectly paired to every smart phone, gaming device and tablet known to man and, now available without wires. The amount of time spent sorting out the muddle of headphone wires, for me especially, must run into hours, at least! It didn’t seem to matter how neatly I wound them up and tucked them in safely to whichever pouch I was carrying, the next time I needed them, sure enough I had a miniature spaghetti junction in the palm of my hand.

What a relief then to find that headphones now not only fit inside your ear like a hearing aid (sorting out the squashed ear syndrome), but connect wirelessly – seamless music straight to your ear. If you’re super duper techy, you may have even opted to cough up more for the much desired headphones that promise to cancel every noise out apart from which you are listening. Personally, when these noise cancelling headphones first came onto the scene, boy was I sceptical. On a mum and daughter trip to New York a couple of years ago, I stumbled across Bose’s noise cancelling headphones that cover the entire ear and tried them out in a music shop. In a flash my entire world of sound was turned upside down. I love it when you find something that literally does what it says on the tin…or box in this case. Needless to say I went straight out in NYC and bought a pair (not at all bothered about needing an American to UK charger to sort out charging the battery – mere details). My flight home was beyond revolutionary. The jarring and ear bleeding mechanical sounds of the plane suddenly melted away into nothingness. The sounds of music were literally stroking my ear, comfortingly. It was a soft musical cushion that I refused to take off for the entire seven hours of the flight. From that moment, I vowed that any headphones I purchased could only be that of Bose – I have yet to find better.

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Fast forward again then to 2016, and technology has made even more impressive advancements. I have lost count as to how many basic Apple iPhone/iPod headphones I have used over the years. I know that they are not built to last, I get that. But as a devout Apple customer, the amount of money spent on their products, surely even their most basic of headphones given with iPhones and iPods should, by now, be of much better quality.

So, another pair of headphones bit the dust. After some online mooching, I came across Bose’s answer to my problem. I knew I could rely on them to provide me with a set of headphones that ticked all of my boxes. My reasons for purchasing them are as follows:

  1. Sound quality: Well, there just isn’t any comparison. No tinny, crackly noise or speakers that whine when you’re getting close to the maximum sound limit it can cope with. You may as well be in the room with the singer/band etc as they are singing.
  2. Easy to pair with a variety of devices: I have an insane amount of gadgets in my house, including other Bose machines, and they all talk to each other seamlessly and without fussing like two year olds. Perfect!
  3. Wireless: Use them anytime, anywhere and without a wire in sight to get tangled up in. Bluetooth has enabled making music on the go better than ever.
  4. Lightweight: Well it would be no good carrying dumbbells in your ears! Although they look quite “meaty” in design, once sitting in your ear, the fit is good and you can just forget that they’re there!
  5. Headphones that speak to you: Yes you read that right. The headphones tell you straight up how much charge there is and how to go about pairing them to your devices. Now, that really is clever, not to mention ever so handy!

I don’t doubt that there are plenty more plus points to these incredible headphones, and I am sure I will keep coming across them as I use them more and more. But two days in and I am already smitten. I purchased the white headphones, although they do come in black and blue.


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Bose, on behalf of my ears, I would like to personally say a huge thank you for continued, amazing audio technology. One of these days I hope to incorporate one of your cinema systems into my home. (I am working on the slight inconvenience of not enough money and persuading the husband!)

Watch an independent review video here of these Soundsport headphones if you’d like further information.



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