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Liz Earle Product Review

liz earle

If I am being completely honest, I’ve never had the greatest of skin care routines. I suppose it comes down to the same old excuse of not having enough time. A quick swipe of make up remover and a face wipe followed by a scoop of moisturiser was as good as it got on most occasions. I knew it wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t fooling my skin either. My skin was bad during my teenage years then luckily it improved as I got older. But my skin care routine stayed minimal at best, even though I wanted it to be better. It really was down to me to make the time and establish a routine but as with many things, the idea stayed on the back burner.

For Christmas this year, one of the gifts from my mum was the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser. If I am honest, I did wonder whether I could bring myself to form some sort of routine that meant I could incorporate this product into my every day schedule.

The product itself came with some pure muslin cloths and I was pleasantly surprised to read that this cleanser could be applied straight onto the skin and, gentle enough that you could use it over your eyes to remove make up. As I wear quite a lot of make up everyday this was a huge bonus for me.

Upon application, the cream glides onto the skin and has a mild fragrance which is fresh yet not over powering. I use two small pumps of product, however this is because of the amount of make up I wear, this could differ depending on the person using it. Massaging the cream around the face and over the eyes is easy and pain free. I have not experienced any stinging, redness in or around my eyes at all. There was a noticeable difference in the way my skin felt even after the first application. The pure muslin cloth is soaked into hand hot water and wiped over the face and eyes to remove the cream and makeup/dead skin cells/dirt and so on. Skin feels automatically cleaner and smoother. You can finish off with a splash of cold water but I prefer ending the routine without it.

The polish can be used twice a day, morning and evening which means it is not hard wearing on the skin. The muslins do need regular washing however, this is simple to do and they are quick to dry.

I have been so thrilled with this product that I have since gone into Boots to explore more of the range. Last week I purchased the Instant Boost Skin Tonic which I apply straight after the polish. Again, this is refreshing on the skin and doesn’t leave any residue. The other product that I treated myself to was the Eye and Lip Treatment cream. This has been great for around the eye area. Smooth to apply and a little goes a long way. One small pump is enough for both eye areas. My only niggle about this product is the smell. In all honesty the smell has put me off using it around my lips as it is too close to my nose! That said, I am enjoying the product and the eye area is showing signs of improvement.

For the results that I am getting the products have been worth the money. Depending on what you buy and the size of the bottle/item, prices vary slightly. My mum likes the fact that Liz Earle provides travel size options so you do not have to carry larger bottles around with you.

In summary, I have finally found a product that has agreed with me and my skin, to the point where I have willingly carved out a better daily skin care routine. I won’t lie, some days are harder than others to be fully dedicated to an entire routine. But, I am determined to keep going and continue to explore, enjoy and feel the benefit of these Liz Earle products.

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