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proud to marry the one

6 Things My 10 Year Old Self Would Be Proud Of

I have often thought about if I could go back in time what sorts of things would I share with my younger self. Perhaps even things that I would warn myself, in an attempt to self-prepare . But then…

girl in the black hood

#Writespiration: The Girl In The Black Hood

The Girl In The Black Hood is another instalment of the ‘Writespiration’ courtesy of Sacha Black. This particular writing challenge is to write a story using just 52 words – no more, with the given topic of the girl…

live so close to London

9 Reasons Why I Am Thankful For Where I Live

Before I get started on this post properly, I want to make a couple of things completely clear. First of all, this is not some jingoistic, politically fuelled post. Second, it is not a boastful post where I am…

Fiction writing: door

Fiction Writing: Edwina’s Essay Challenge

This evening I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of fiction writing. I didn’t bring any school work home and I relished the opportunity to just sit and write. A blog challenge had grabbed my attention in my inbox and I…

fist pumps

10 Things To Celebrate With A Mini Fist Pump

Is it just me or do you find yourself sometimes doing a subconscious mini fist pump when you’ve achieved something small and usually rather insignificant? I find myself doing this over the strangest things! Yet I cannot be the…