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A Trip Into Midsomer County And Coming Out Alive!

I do love a good ‘who dunnit’. I have been a huge fan of Frost, Fletcher, Marple, Morse and Barnaby since before I can remember – a true guilty pleasure! It has to be said though that my top in this list remains, to this day, Midsomer Murders. So much so that last year, during the Easter holidays, I managed to persuade Sam to take a ‘Midsomer Mini Break’. After much research, I cobbled together a list of locations to visit, minus the official tour guide. We were determined to find the places ourselves.

I stumbled across a fabulous Easter break deal at the Oxford Belfry hotel, and this was to be our base for a couple of nights. With printed maps of various towns and locations, camera at the ready and Midsomer Murders episodes downloaded on iPad for entertainment, we set off to Oxfordshire.

Sam and I filled our days away very easily and luckily, the weather was very kind to us which makes such a difference! Below I have put a selection of photographs taken during our getaway, and where I can, have labelled them according to episode.

Sadly for me during our Midsomer meanderings, there was no filming taking place. I was all set to wander into the background as a willing extra, should I have been required. Maybe one day the producers of Midsomer Murders will invite me to take part in one of their episodes. Now that really would be amazing and totally worth blogging about!


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  • Hayley
    June 4, 2017 at 9:54 am

    I’ve just seen this post for the first time! I’m from Wallingford and know this area so very well. Lovely seeing photos of it. Also, my parents are regularly extras on Midsomer Murders. My Dad plays the local photographer & had an actual line once!

    • Donna
      July 9, 2017 at 3:26 pm

      Oh my word that’s amazing!!! I was so gutted to find that they were not filming when we visited. Would so love to be an extra. Such a Midosmer Geek…! 🙂