The 7th of October saw me turn yet another year older, and to celebrate, the Hubby organised an amazing, surprise day out at the Shangri-La Hotel in the Shard. The Shard is somewhere that I have been looking forward to visiting ever since it opened. With its sleek structure, unbeaten views of London and luxurious atmosphere, it really was an amazing place for a birthday afternoon tea. Our afternoon tea was booked for twelve thirty, and although this may seem early to some… Read more »

British Airways i360 Tower

Before the end of my summer holiday, I was determined to see the sea (putting Mallorca to one side!). Spending a day at the seaside has memories of childhood flooding back by the bucket load. So, being ideally situated in where I live, within forty minutes I was standing on Brighton seafront, a big favourite of mine, along with my Dad for a day out. I love the fact that it doesn’t take us long to leave towns behind, with… Read more »

Inside Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal. Up until very recently these two words literally meant nothing to me. Then slowly but surely, those words began appearing in bucket loads on my Twitter and Instagram feed, to the point where I had to stop what I was doing and get researching. It turns out that this is a bandwagon that I very much want to be riding, and if I am completely honest, am wondering why it has taken me so long to hop aboard!… Read more »


A few months back, British Airways had a massive sale, and the Hubby and I managed to bag ourselves an excellent deal – a mini city break to Prague in the Czech Republic. A first time for both of us, we decided it would be a lovely way of spending some of our hard earned summer holiday. It turned out that many people we knew who had been to Prague were full of positive things to say. So we headed to… Read more »

Musical Bumps-172 - forweb

Last Thursday, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Musical Bumps class. Now don’t get this confused with the well known children’s game at a party; this specially designed organisation is made up of classes for babies (from birth) to five years  to develop their learning and social skills through music education. Their program is designed and based  on the Hungarian (Kodaly) methodology of Music Education. If like me and your immediate thoughts are how on earth does this work and what… Read more »

The Husband Make Up Tag

If I am completely honest, I was very close to not even bothering asking The Hubby if he wanted to take part in a little ‘How well do you know the contents of my make up bag’ quiz, thinking he would laugh at me or ignore me completely. So imagine my utter surprise when I brought up the subject of the Husband Make Up Tag (which I did have to explain to him), and he agreed…positively too without any major… Read more »

BEAM Virgin Trains

On the odd occasion that I am not buried by at least six feet of paperwork and marking on a weekend or school holiday, there’s nothing I like more than hopping aboard a Virgin train and heading north for a bit of retail therapy. My city of choice you ask? Well, this weekend I was Liverpool bound. I’ve been to Liverpool quite a few times now and I love going there. I like the way the shopping district is spread out,… Read more »

colourful parkrunners

A normal Saturday morning, especially during term time, generally consists of me sleeping in and lounging around. The Hubby gets up smart and gets himself ready for his Saturday morning parkrun and he’ll gently say goodbye as I grunt, turn over and go back to sleep. This morning however, encouraged by The Hubby, I got up early too (bit like going to work to be honest) and went with him. Not to run you understand, but to get a feel… Read more »

Backlit light boxes

Imagine a time where art pushed boundaries of what was right and accepted by society. Imagine a time where art was taken off at a tangent which resulted in pieces being labelled as ‘morally shocking’ and ‘assaults on the eye’. When art is described like that, one can’t help but wonder what kind of horror might be in store for the onlooker. By today’s standards, pieces of art that had been labelled as morally shocking back in the 19th Century… Read more »

babies learning together

As a teacher, one of the things I love most about my job is seeing how children grow and develop. Social education is arguably just as important as a school education; and although I see much of this throughout the years of reception to year six, undeniably there is so much development that takes place before school is even a thought. The moment a baby is born its learning journey has begun. This week I was invited to join a… Read more »